today is THE day.
i've said it so many times, i don't really believe it anymore, but i keep on saying it. there's always something, some fact, some person, some incident that makes me have hope that this time it's for real.. no mistakes from now on.. i'm such a sucker for opportunities..
bu today is the day. today i get rid of something which was part of me for the past 10 years.. a limb is going away, hopefully to grow and prosper into a whole new body.. let it go, let it grow.. because from this day on, everything can be better just because things can be different.. why do we believe that change is always an opportunity to do better? why isn't it an opportunity to do it again? with the same mistakes, the same issues, the same handicaps.. oh, i'm getting into something here.. let's stop. because today is the day as all days are. and i don't want that to change that just because i had an epiphany.

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